Electricity, water, and sanitary sewer are provided by the Melrose Public Utilities, a division of the City.  An advance payment of $150 is required for all new customers unless a letter of credit is provided for the past 12 months by their previous utility company.  Residents receive a monthly bill for these three services around the 10th of each month.

Melrose Public Utilities offer a free service to allow customers to pay their monthly bill automatically.  Following authorization, each month the Utilities will automatically debit your checking or savings account with the exact amount due on your utility bill.  The Melrose Public Utilities also offers payment with a credit card through our Official Payments Website which has a $5.95 fee per transaction. See the city website (Payments) for more information.

The Budget Billing Account Program is designed to make it easier for customers to pay their utility bill by distributing it into equal monthly payments.  A 12-month utility billing history is reviewed and an average monthly billing is then determined.  The budgets are reviewed semi-annually and the customer is notified of any adjustments needed.

Natural Gas Service

Natural Gas services are provided by CenterPoint Energy.  For more specific information visit their website: http://www.centerpointenergy.com/home